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Welcome to Ladybird Montessori Nursery

About Us

At Ladybird children of the ages 2-4 learn and play together. Although learning at different stages, the little ones learn from the older ones and the older children learn to help the smaller children. This is a natural way to learn at this young age, as at home children will often have older or younger siblings.

Our  modern Montessori combines learning through play with art, music, nature along with maths, language and geography.  There are endless other activities for the children such as; cookery, music and movement, yoga, role play and a purpose built mud kitchen. The Montessori didactic materials are all beautifully displayed at the children’s level and the children learn and develop their skills using the equipment.

Montessori is very logical, easy to understand and children build a knowledge and understanding of the world through their senses.

There are endless benefits of the Montessori Method and when you visit  Ladybird Montessori you will see how the children happily learn in a multi-sensory environment. 

There are so many lovely fun things to do at Nursery

When you arrive, you can put your coat and wellies on your peg then fruit in the basket and packed lunch on the trolley.

When you go home you can take your pictures and paintings home. You will have a draw with your name on.

All your teachers are looking forward to playing with you.

Miss Charlotte loves spending time with her family and friends.

Also loves outdoor swimming, walking and painting.

My favourite books are pumpkin soup and each peach pear plum.

Miss Karen loves spending time with family and friends.

Also loves paddle boarding.

Favourite books are the tiger that came to tea and the Gruffalo.

Miss Beckie loves spending time with friends and family.

Also loves cycling and water sports.

Favourite books a squash and a squeeze and the smartest giant in town.

Miss Mel loves spending time with her family and walking with friends.

Also loves exercise classes, water sports and reading.

Favourite books going on a bear hunt and the hungry caterpillar.

Miss Mags loves spending time with family, friends and her dog Bertie,
Also loves running, sailing, baking and reading.
Favourite books are Burglar Bill and Guess how much I love you.