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Aims & Objectives

Ladybird Montessori is a nursery which aims to provide a safe, secure, stimulating environment to meet the needs of each individual child. Our high quality curriculum follows the Government's Early Years Foundation Stage covering the seven main areas of young children's development and learning:

    • Personal, social and emotional development.
    • Communication and language.
    • Literacy.
    • Mathematics.
    • Knowledge and understanding of the world.
    • Physical development.
    • Expressive arts and design

Ladybird Montessori aims to:

    • Build on each child's existing knowledge, extending their interests and helping to develop their confidence and        independence.
    • Use varied teaching methods and play activities to ensure all children develop to their full potential.
    • Work in partnership with the child's parent or guardian and regularly inform them of their child's progress.
    • Respect each individual, irrespective of ability, culture, religion, race or gender.
    • Promote respect and consideration for others.
    • Provide a high quality education in a warm, welcoming, cheerful environment, making a child's first experience of        school a happy and positive one.